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1. Your music for solo lessons, 2 or 3 pieces, (including any piano parts)
chamber ensemble score, (with pages sellotaped together!), your own computer
for students who are taking composition lessons. Theory students please bring a
current paper you are doing.

2. Your own instrument you play, except pianists!

3. Spare strings and rosin.

4. Pencils, eraser, pen and notebook.

5. Concert clothes: for girls a smart colourful dress, but preferably not a ball
gown: for boys a smart black or colourful shirt, black trousers/shoes.

6. Swimming costume for swimming and leggings for girls/loose shorts for boys
for yoga sessions.

7. 2 Towels (for swimming and personal use).

8. Trainers, or similar, for rainy days and light raincoat.

9. A small padlock for your room locker (you can also hand in passports,
tickets, valuables, etc, to the office for safe-keeping).

10. Money to pay for airport transfers and Day Off trip, personal pocket money.

11. Any personal medicines

PLEASE NOTE: BED LINEN IS PROVIDED (but not towels ) as well as
all boarding houses have washing facilities.

You will receive your own timetable on arrival.


Arrival day is 15th of July.

Meeting place: The Menuhin School car park. One of our assistants will escort
students to their boarding house and take them around the school to show our

For International students who arrive from abroad on 15th of July and need
airport transfer-please email your travel details in a separate email and we will
organise it for you.

Address is: Yehudi Menuhin School, Cobham Road, Stoke D'Abernon,
Cobham, Surrey, UK, KT11 3QQ.
Here is my phone number if you need (+44)7886 355952).

Time of arrival: We are meeting our students all day. Don’t worry if your
flight or car journey is late-myself, or one of our assistants will be on the
premises until last student arrives.

There are no lessons on the 15th, but music school will be open where you can
practice if you like or if you wish just relax and make friends.

Brief meeting in the evening. We would like to greet all students in a brief
meeting after dinner at 8.30pm in the evening (for those who have arrived),
where they can ask any questions, they might have and also meet some of our

Evening dinner will be included on arrival day at 6.30pm.
Lessons will start on 16th of July.


1. No smoking, alcohol or drugs, sexual activity (students breaking
this rule-parents will be notified immediately and student will be
sent home at their own expense and no refund for the course)

2.Please be on time for all lessons!! (Lessons cannot be rescheduled if you late).

3. Please follow the quiet/lights out times at bedtime:
  10.00pm: Everyone in their own rooms and quiet (younger students will already
  might be sleeping)
  10.30pm: Quiet time/Lights out!!

4. Keep your rooms tidy! (damage to rooms/premises and unreasonable mess in
bedrooms will incur an extra charge/cleaning charge).

5. There will be an obligatory boarding houses Fire Drill during the first day,
details will be announced.

6. Please look after all school facilities, eg. pianos, equipment and your own
instruments at all times.

7. You are welcome to freely use the school grounds, we will have daily
scheduled swimming sessions with lifeguard supervision and yoga sessions.

8. Whilst every possible care will be taken of valuables handed in for
safekeeping, no responsibility will be taken for loss or theft of items.

PLEASE NOTE : During the course there will be recordings/photography
which will be used only for future Encore Music Projects promotion on our
website/Facebook page and for participating students. Please contact us if you
object to this otherwise we presume you agree to this.

PLEASE NOTE: Encore Music Projects International Summer
School does not accept any responsibilities for medical and
travel insurance or personal belongings (including music

instruments) during the course.

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