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Caroline , mother of 14 years old students, UK

Encore music is a very special programme. The young people who attend are all so talented as is evident by the end of course Gala. My son has left inspired by his wonderful teacher, his peers, the concerts and the atmosphere the organisers create. It has set him up for a year of learning and striving to achieve new things. Most of all, it is clearly a very fun few weeks and I strongly suspect the children don't realise how hard they work because they are enjoying themselves so much!
Thankyou, Olena and team, for a brilliant course!


Marina Davidenko, mother of 14 years old student, Spain

Dear Olena,
Thank you for your touching words and beautiful pictures. 
It has been an extraordinary experience. We are enormously grateful to the entire team of Encore for the gigantic musical work that is behind such a brilliant outcome and for the exquisite care you have taken in all the details of the daily life of the students. Pablo felt welcome, cared for, covered, motivated, supported and simply loved at all times. He says he was on another planet. He received a
huge boost to continue studying and playing. Thank you!


Parent of Carlo, 16 years old student, Italy

Dear Olena,
I had a wonderful day, many congratulations for your amazing job and for the passion that you are
transmitting to us every year. 
It’s always a big emotion for me to be there.
Thank you so much.

Lorna , Parent of 17 years old student, UK

Dear Olena, 
Thanks for the photos and a very big Thank you for running such a fantastic course! I think I
mentioned to Richard that Harry rang me on the second day to tell me he was definitely going to
come back the next year! He loved every minute of it, from the coaches to the repertoire and the
other people on the course. 
He said the food was excellent and he had such a packed fortnight that he came back exhausted… in a good way! Obviously, we expected that the standard of teaching and coaching would be first class
but even still we were wowed by the concerts which were impressive both in terms of the standard 
the children were playing at but also because you managed to organise such a huge concert with so many people involved!
I have to say I think the most important thing for me was that I was amazed how supportive the
children were of each other. So many children from so many different countries and they all seemed to get along! In the foyer we saw many of the kids charging back to the concert hall to support their friends’ performances. I heard nothing but positive comments and cheers. I think it demonstrates what a positive environment they were in. It’s not difficult to realise why people travel such huge
distances to attend the course!
Many, many thanks!


Mariko, mother of 15 years old students, France

I hope all is well with you and your family. Please say hello to Hanna and Richard for us! It was
amazing to see our kids play together!! They did a GREAT job! Bravo! We loved every minute
watching them and still look often at the video! Tim just loved playing that Dvorak that he asked to do it at his conservatory.


David S, father of 16 years old student, Scotland

I just want to say thank you to you and your team for providing the most wonderful experience for Hannah at Encore. We feel Hannah has grown as a musician and indeed as a person because of the incredible level of professional musical instruction and guidance provided by you and your team.
Hannah enjoyed and benefited from all interactions with all of your team but I must make special mention of her cello teacher Alison Wells. Hannah loved Alison’s lessons! Indeed, after the very first lesson Hannah messaged us to say ‘I genuinely already feel like a better player.’ You couldn’t ask
from more than that.
Thanks again and very best wishes.

Monica , mother of 18 years old student, Norway

Dear Olena,
Thank you all for creating such a wonderful summer course and a beautiful end to it with the gala concert!
It must have been a lot of planning to get it all run so smoothly.
Amanda really enjoyed the course and learned a lot both in music and new friendships.
The Yehudi Menuhin school seemed to be a perfect place for the course.
I think the communication from your side have been great through all the course and upfront,
coming straight back to us whenever we had a question.
Thank you for wonderful pictures and videos.

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